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Neu SAO:Alicization Lycoris 1.20 Update verfügbar

Vor kurzem Veröffentlichte Bandai Namco Entertainment Update 1.20 zum für die PS4, Xbox One und denn PC verfügbaren „SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris“ Game. Neben kleineren Fehler Behebungen und Gameplay Verbesserungen gibt es innerhalb dieses Updates die „Ancient Apostles: The Reaper of the Woods“ Bonus Story.

Eine Übersicht über alle Änderungen könnt ihr weiter unten finden.

Übersicht über alle Änderungen innerhalb dieses Updates:

New Additional Contents
- Added free additional story update part #1 “Ancient Apostles: The Reaper of the Woods.”
- Added “Mutated Beast” Quests.

User Interface
- Fixed the marker of the main quest temporarily disappearing during quests.
- Fixed the location of the Calamity Plants not immediately reflected on the mini-map when the main quest “The Three Keys” is in progress.

Online Multiplayer
- Fixed the “Super Arts” and the “STUN gauge” not synchronizing properly during multiplayer mode.
- Fixed the issue where unplugging the LAN cable while in the main menu may cause the player to be unable to proceed.
- Fixed the battle unintentionally resetting on certain occasions during multiplayer mode.

- Fixed the effect of the personal arts code “Sturdy Body” not properly reflected on the status screen.
- Fixed certain enemies not spawning while using the Anima “Cautious.”
- Fixed the issue where the accuracy rate for enemies above Lv100 was applied to enemies below Lv100.
- Fixed Tiese’s sub episode being unable to proceed on certain occasions.

- Increased the level cap of the playable characters from 50 to 70. (The level cap will be upgradable after completing “Ancient Apostles: The Reaper of the Woods.”)
- Increased the level of weapons from 5 to 10.
- Changed the upper limit of the damage count from “999,999” to “99,999,999.”
- Fixed the descriptions of the battle skills, passive skills and add-ons listed below not matching the actual buff / debuff effects.
> Battle skills: Warrior of the Gods and Echoes of Madness .
> Passive skills: Rain Incarnation, Guardian’s Stigmata, Mythic of Lurking, Mythic of Carnage, Blade Incarnation, Mythic of Ascension, Bloodblossom Stigmata, and Binary Star Sword God.
> Add-on: Sage’s Stigmata.
- Fixed the Battle skill “Liberation ” and “Falcon Fist ” not properly activating on certain occasions.

- Fixed other minor bugs and issues.

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Quelle: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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